Life Management Advisors Oath of Service

I __________________, having been appointed an employee for Life management Advisors, Inc, do accept such appointment and do so solemnly affirm that I take this assignment freely, without any reservation or deleterious intent and that I will faithfully perform the duties of this vocation. Of highest importance, I vow to never cause harm to LMA clients, to protect them from those who would take advantage of their situation and to provide assistance in all areas appropriate and necessary. I will show respect for all LMA clients. I realize that I must be an advocate and protector of one of society’s weakest yet most respected elements and with this comes unique challenges. I am in a position of great trust and responsibility and I vow to always put LMA clients and their family’s best interests above personal, material or financial gain. I accept the duty to protect LMA clients from doing harm to him/her self or others financially, physically or socially but will aim to strike a balance between this duty and helping the client to maintain control and therefore dignity to the end of their lives. I will seek to continually advance my knowledge and skills to better serve the LMA client’s needs. In all of these duties I will maintain the utmost confidentiality of my client and their affairs. I swear, to the best of my ability and judgment, to fulfill this covenant.

Signed:_________________________________ Date:__________________

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