Services We Provide

  1. Bill Payment
  2. Once a week visits in the home to evaluate living conditions and client welfare as well as provide companionship.
  3. Evaluation of client’s current situation and recommendation of services needed.
  4. Collection and coordination of all bank, brokerage, insurance and other financial statements
  5. Review of investments and estate planning documents with advisors
  6. Organization and delivery of all tax documents to CPA at year-end
  7. Regular contact with advisors to keep them appraised of new conditions or changes in the client’s needs
  8. Report to family once a month on client’s welfare, living conditions, change in services, and bill payments
  9. Detailed month-end accounting of all bills paid
  10. Detailed year-end accounting of client’s investments including total returns Research and arrangement of in-home care ranging from companionship to full hands-on RN care. (Including background check, scheduling and year end 1099)
  11. Research and arrangement of housekeeping services
  12. Research and arrangement of brokerage, banking or investment management services
  13. Research and arrangement of nursing home or assisted living facility
  14. Research and arrangement of transportation or shopping services
  15. Research and arrangement of home repair or contractor services
  16. Research and arrangement of sale of home or personal property
  17. Research and arrangement of funeral and cemetery services
Development of Successor — Survivor package including:
  1. Copy of Will and Will of Spouse
  2. Copy of your Trust documents, living will and durable power of attorney
  3. Copy of insurance documents
  4. Names, telephone numbers and addresses of all advisors
  5. Names, telephone numbers, addresses and social security numbers of beneficiaries
  6. List of bank and brokerage accounts including most recent year end statement and cost basis on all securities
  7. Identification of any safe deposit boxes rented, where the key is located and who has access
  8. List of important personal documents and where they are located including birth certificate, social security card and marriage and divorce papers
  9. List of debts
  10. List of accounts receivable
  11. Copy of home and mortgage records on personal residence and other properties
  12. Copy of most recent tax returns
  13. List of credit card and card numbers
  14. Names of individuals who should be notified of your funeral and details of the type of service you desire if arrangements have not been made
  15. List and proof of permanent improvements made to the home so heirs may exclude the cost from capital gains
  16. Request to donate organs if so desired and copy of driver’s license or medical power of attorney

HEADQUARTERS: 830-13 A1A North #262, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, Phone: 904-803-3235, Fax: 904-473-5905