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Our job at Life Management Advisors is to help individuals manage the tasks of daily living that seem to get more complicated and time consuming as we get older. We make it possible for individuals to maintain an independent, carefree lifestyle. Family will rest easy knowing that an experienced individual is visiting their loved one in their home and helping them manage daily tasks. more

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Money Matters
Published: February, 2013, American Way Magazine

There are times when keeping up with your personal finances can seem like an overwhelming, migraine-inducing task capable of sending you into a black hole of despair. Which is why we're here to tell you about the daily money manager. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE (P.52)

Does your Medicare strategy need a makeover?
Published: August 24, 2012, Wall Street Journal

Many people are paying more than they should for coverage, or are in plans that restrict their choices ...the problems stem from hasty decisions during their initial enrollment, as well as misguided reliance on incomplete information provided by sales people touting Medigap, prescription-drug or Advantage plans. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE AT WSJ ONLINE

Financial Capacity in an
Aging Society
Published on the American Society on Aging website

The capacity to manage one’s financial affairs, known as financial capacity, comprises a broad range of conceptual, pragmatic, and judgment abilities, used across a range of everyday settings, that are critical to the independent functioning of adults in our society. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

Beware of Scams
Targeting the Elderly
Published: March 4, 2012, CNN

Boomers beware: Scams, frauds and other financial exploitation schemes targeting older Americans are a growing multibillion-dollar industry enriching the schemers, anguishing the victims and vexing law enforcement officials who find these crimes among the hardest to investigate and prosecute. READ MORE

National Caregiver Month

Statistics from the Administration On Aging show that the population 65 and older is expected to grow from its current 13% to 19% of the total population by 2030. With the older population increasing, the need for elder caregiving will continue to increase.

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Stealing elderly parents’ identities a common crime

By Bob Sullivan

Child ID theft is a scourge of the digital age — a terrible crime that often sees parents ruining their own kids’ futures by taking out mortgages, car loans and other financial obligations in their names. But a new study shows that another kind of family-based ID theft, which rarely grabs headlines, might be much more prevalent: Stealing the identities of elderly parents.

Read the complete article at: MSNBC.com

40 Under 40 Awards

Heather Bayfield, CEO of Life Management Advisors was awarded the 40 professionals under the age of 40 award. This award is given to individuals who have achieved a high level of responsibility in both their careers and their community.

Read the complete article at: Jacksonville Business Journal


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American Association of Daily Money Managers
AADMM News You Can Use Newsletter

Bernard Krooks, a New York City elder lawyer, reports that some clients who had planned to move into pricey continuing-care communities — houses and apartments with aides on call and nursing-home beds should you need them — are moving in with their kids instead. READ MORE

When Robert and Anne bought their family home thirty years ago, their plan was to live through retirement in this home, but when Robert tripped over a coffee table, breaking his hip, they had to look at the overwhelming task of making their home accessible for Robert’s wheelchair and safe for both of them. READ MORE

The Associated Press reports that “elder financial abuse” has become an “industry” that brings in billions of dollars each year. This form of elder abuse includes fraud perpetrated by relatives and acquaintances as well as scams run by complete strangers. The outsider–run cons can be particularly devastating, both financially and emotionally, because they are so effectively targeted and very difficult to trace back to their often international origins. READ MORE




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The aging nation and what you need to know.

The elderly population is expected to increase by 17 percent, from 33.5 million in 1995 to 39.4 million in 2010. In the next period, 2010 to 2030, the population aged 65 and over is expected to grow by 75 percent to over 69 million.

The cumulative growth in the 85-and-over population from 1995 to 2050 is anticipated to be more than 400 percent, and the proportion of that group in the total population is likely to increase from 1.4 percent in 1995 to 4.6 percent in 2050.

It is up to us to plan for the
changing needs of our population!

SOURCE: Administration on aging, A special report by noted demographer Jacob Siegel. Read complete report.

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FACT: The U.S. is on the brink of one of the greatest demographic events in history!
  1. In the next 20 years the number of retired Americans will almost triple to more than 70 million.
  2. By 2020, 1 in 5 Americans will be of retirement age.
  3. Most of our elderly will need extensive long term care and assistance with the tasks of daily living.
  4. What other business can expect more than 100% growth in customers over the next 10-20 years?

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