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About Us

Mission Statement

     Our job at Life Management Advisors is to help individuals manage the tasks of daily living that seem to get more complicated and time consuming as we get older. We make it possible for individuals to maintain an independent, carefree lifestyle. Family will rest easy knowing that an experienced individual is visiting their loved one in their home and helping them manage daily tasks.

Peace of Mind

     Families of these individuals often find themselves faced with the time consuming task of evaluating the needs of their parent, locating service providers, researching providers qualifications, arranging for service and following up with the providers to make sure they are delivering quality services. These tasks can be daunting for any family member but for those with little time on their hands and those that live at a distance, these tasks can be nearly impossible.

    Life Management Advisors work with individuals to make sure that all their needs are met, allowing them and their families to continue to live in the manner they choose while insuring their continued well being from physical, mental and financial standpoints.

Plan Of Action

     Whatever your destination, if you have a road map, you are much more likely to reach your target. Life Management Advisors will help to develop that road map and will continue to work with you to make sure the destination is not lost.

     We will provide you with the list of services that you will be utilizing, target dates of completion, and continued review of progress. Each plan is individually created for the client based on the specific need of the individual. As is always true in life, the desired destination can change. Therefore our plan is created with the intention that it will be reviewed and updated continuously.

Client Commitment

      While few companies across the country offer the range of services we provide, there are some companies who offer similar services. What truly sets us apart from the rest is our Client Commitment. With Life Management Advisors, every client is guaranteed individualized service by a highly trained consultant who is responsible for no more than 20 clients.

      The consultant will make once a week visits in the home and with the permission of the client or guardian, will report to the family of the client at least once a month on the condition of the individual, his or her living environment and financials.

Our article in the magazine 'Handling Life At Every Corner'

Letting Go of My Father
    The Atlantic published this touching article by Jonathan Rauch whose elderly father insisted that he could manage by himself. But he couldn’t. The author found himself utterly unprepared for one of life’s near certainties—the decline of a parent. Millions of middle-aged Americans, he discovered, are silently struggling to cope with a crisis that needs to be plucked from the realm of the personal and brought into full public view.